02.04.2024 - Merkaba Macabre live spatialised composition for 60 speakers. w/ Georgina Brett & Paul Conboy at All is Joy, 75 Dean St London (UK)

12.01.2024 - Howlround + Merkaba Macabre + Pscal Savy Takeover [Live AV] performance at IKLECTIK, London (UK)

17.12.2023 - Merkaba Macabre Live Audiovisual performance for NOISEMAS III (Fundraiser for Palestine) at IKLECTIK, London (UK)

09.12.2023 - Merkaba Macabre Live Audiovisual performance at Harcore Chillout - Apparent Motion. Secret location, London (UK)

02.11.2023 - Howlround & Merkaba Macabre presents Bodies of Light ensue from Darkness, Rebellious Bodies Festival. Live at IKLECTIK, London (UK)

16.09.2023 - Exhibition screening at Seismic Mother. Hypher Studios. 50 Celebration Ave, London (UK)

14.07.2023 - Merkaba Macabre Live audiovisual performance in collaboration w/ Howlround and Pascal Savy. Fabre I Coats (Barcelona)

08.07.2023 - Psyché Tropes (DJ set) and label stall. IKLECTIKA Art Fair, IKLECTIK (UK)

11-14.05.2023 - Simulated Diegesis. Sound and Light Installation at GREATOREX STREET gallery. London (UK)

24.03.2023 - Video installation / Live audiovisual performance. Three-day residency at Project DivFuse (UK)

19.03.2023 - Live ambisonic performance as Flying Disks (Merkaba Macabre, Hems, Christian Duka) with Pascal Savy, IKLECTIK (UK)

20.01.2023 - FUNDRAISING CONCERT in aid of Crisis UK. Live performace as Post coma, IKLECTIK (UK)

15.12.2022 - Ancient Vessels (Sound for intsallation in collaboration with Noelle Turner) A.P.T Gallery, London UK)

11.12.2022 - Live ambisonic performance as Flying Disks (Merkaba Macabre, Hems, Christian Duka) with Pascal Savy, IKLECTIK (UK)

09.07.2022 - Psyché Tropes (DJ set) IKLECTIKA Art Fair, IKLECTIK (UK)

11.06.2022 - Trilateral Descent. Expanded 16mm multi-channel live perfomance, IKLECTIK (UK)

04.06.2022 - Video Installation. The Spark House, London (UK)

25.02.2022 - Decomposition #6, 16mm live perfomance, IKLECTIK (UK)

21.01.2022 - IOME (multi-channel audiovisual  performance), IKLECTIK (UK)

25.11.2021 - Punto y Raya Festival Screening (Austria)

13.11.2021 - Istanbul International Experimental Film Festival Screening (Turkey)

28.10.2021 - Fiber Festival Screening & live stream - IOME (The Netherlands)

28.09.2021 - Bideodromo Experimental Film and Video Festival Screening (Spain)

25.09.2021 - IOME Outdoor Exhibition screening, BFI Southbank (UK)

11.09.2021 - Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg Screening Screening (Germany)

14.08.2021 - Psyché Tropes (DJ set), Servant Jazz Quarters (UK)

06.06.2021 - 9th International Video Poetry Festival Screening (Greece)

18.07.2021 - Psyché Tropes (DJ set) IKLECTIKA Art Fair, IKLECTIK (UK)

10.04.2021 - 16ª Mostra Internacional de Cinema Etnográfico Screening (Spain)

17.11.2020 - ULTRAcinema 20 Screening (Mexico)

15.10.2020 - Proceso de Error Screening (Chile)

29.08.2020 - Fest Anča International Animation Festival (Slovakia) Live performance (cancelled)

29.05.2020 - IKLECTIK & Touch off-site. Hangar, Barcelona (Spain) Live performance. (cancelled) 

18.04.2020 - Psyché Tropes Broadcast #2 IKLECTIK Off-site Live stream (UK)

29.03.2020 - Live performance w/ Howround. Free Movements, Juno Cafe, London (UK)

25.02.2020 - Mecanica Popular 40th Anniversary. Live performance. Cafe OTO, London (UK)

01.01.2020 - Free Movements. Live visuals. Juno Cafe London (UK)

21.12.2019 - Winter Solstice Soundscapes. Vinyl Cafe, Carlisle (UK) Live performance.

29.11.2019 - Projected Music 5-inch Launch. The Old Baths, London (UK) Live performance.

16.11.2019 - Istanbul Experimental Screeing, Vault 34. Istanbul, (Turkey)

24.10.2019 - The Engine Room, IKLECTIK, Live performance. London (UK) 

17.08.2019 - The Delaware Road Festival, Live performance. Salisbury Plain (UK)

27.06.2019 - Fest Anča International Animation Festival Screening (Slovakia)

01.11.2019 - Festival Internacional de Cine de Gijón Screening (Spain)

23.09.2018 - The Listening Body. Live performance. IKLECTIK, London (UK)

18.08.2018 - Fort Process: Dispersion, Live performance. Cafe OTO, London (UK)

06.06.2018 - Internationales Kurzfilmfestival Hamburg Screening (Germany)

13.05.2018 - Splice Audio Visual Performing Arts Festival, Live performance. IKLECTIK (UK)

20.04.2018 - Flatpack Film Festival Screeening Centrala, Birmingham (UK)

09.02.2018 - Deliquium Sound Art Triennial, Live performance. Electrowerkz, London (UK)

16.01.2018 - International Film Festival Rotterdam Screeening (The Netherlands)

29.09.2017 - Sonic Dreams, Live performance. Gallery of Modern Art, Waterford (Ireland)

11.07.2017 - East End Film Festival. St John on Bethnal Green, Live performance. London (UK)

08.07.2017 - Sonic Waterloo. Live performance. IKLECTIK, London (UK)

16.04.2017 - Dronica #4, Live performance. The Old Church, London (UK)

10.12.2016 - Pascal Savy two-day Residency. Live performance. IKLECTIK, London (UK)

19.11.2016 - Decompostion #4. 16mm live performance, Quadraphonic Sound. Sines & Squares Festival. Texture, Manchester (UK)

28.09.2016 - Live performance. Vitaphone No More. Vinyl Deptford, London (UK)

03.06.2016 - Decompostion #3. 16mm live audiovisual performance. Splice Audio Visual Performance Arts Festival. London (UK)

25.03.2016 - Decompostion #2. 16mm live audiovisual performance. Dronica #1, The Old Church, London (UK)

03.10.2015 - Decompostion #1 16mm Live audiovisual performance. Strange Umbrellas. Apiary Studios, London (UK)

02.04.2015 - An Evening of Modular Synthesis. Apiary Studios, London (UK)

29.08.2014 - Psyché Tropes HFF Vol. 1 Launch. Apiary Studios, London (UK)

07.08.2014 - 16mm Screening at Supernormal, Braziers Park, Oxfordshire (UK)

05.04.2013 - Video Installation. Commissioned by Cork French Film Festival. (Ireland)