02.04.2024 - Merkaba Macabre live spatialised composition for 60 speakers. w/ Georgina Brett & Paul Conboy at All is Joy, 75 Dean St London (UK)

12.01.2024 - Howlround + Merkaba Macabre + Pscal Savy Takeover [Live AV] performance at IKLECTIK, London (UK)

17.12.2023 - Merkaba Macabre Live Audiovisual performance for NOISEMAS III (Fundraiser for Palestine) at IKLECTIK, London (UK)

09.12.2023 - Merkaba Macabre Live Audiovisual performance at Harcore Chillout - Apparent Motion. Secret location, London (UK)

02.11.2023 - Howlround & Merkaba Macabre presents Bodies of Light ensue from Darkness, Rebellious Bodies Festival. Live at IKLECTIK, London (UK)

16.09.2023 - Exhibition screening at Seismic Mother. Hypher Studios. 50 Celebration Ave, London (UK)

14.07.2023 - Merkaba Macabre Live audiovisual performance in collaboration w/ Howlround and Pascal Savy. Fabre I Coats (Barcelona)

08.07.2023 - Psyché Tropes (DJ set) and label stall. IKLECTIKA Art Fair, IKLECTIK (UK)

11-14.05.2023 - Simulated Diegesis. Sound and Light Installation at GREATOREX STREET gallery. London (UK)

24.03.2023 - Video installation / Live audiovisual performance. Three-day residency at Project DivFuse (UK)

19.03.2023 - Live ambisonic performance as Flying Disks (Merkaba Macabre, Hems, Christian Duka) with Pascal Savy, IKLECTIK (UK)

20.01.2023 - FUNDRAISING CONCERT in aid of Crisis UK. Live performace as Post coma, IKLECTIK (UK)

15.12.2022 - Ancient Vessels (Sound for intsallation in collaboration with Noelle Turner) A.P.T Gallery, London UK)

11.12.2022 - Live ambisonic performance as Flying Disks (Merkaba Macabre, Hems, Christian Duka) with Pascal Savy, IKLECTIK (UK)

09.07.2022 - Psyché Tropes (DJ set) IKLECTIKA Art Fair, IKLECTIK (UK)

11.06.2022 - Trilateral Descent. Expanded 16mm multi-channel live perfomance, IKLECTIK (UK)

04.06.2022 - Video Installation. The Spark House, London (UK)

25.02.2022 - Decomposition #6, 16mm live perfomance, IKLECTIK (UK)

21.01.2022 - IOME (multi-channel audiovisual  performance), IKLECTIK (UK)

25.11.2021 - Punto y Raya Festival Screening (Austria)

13.11.2021 - Istanbul International Experimental Film Festival Screening (Turkey)

28.10.2021 - Fiber Festival Screening & live stream - IOME (The Netherlands)

28.09.2021 - Bideodromo Experimental Film and Video Festival Screening (Spain)

25.09.2021 - IOME Outdoor Exhibition screening, BFI Southbank (UK)

11.09.2021 - Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg Screening Screening (Germany)

14.08.2021 - Psyché Tropes (DJ set), Servant Jazz Quarters (UK)

06.06.2021 - 9th International Video Poetry Festival Screening (Greece)

18.07.2021 - Psyché Tropes (DJ set) IKLECTIKA Art Fair, IKLECTIK (UK)

10.04.2021 - 16ª Mostra Internacional de Cinema Etnográfico Screening (Spain)

17.11.2020 - ULTRAcinema 20 Screening (Mexico)

15.10.2020 - Proceso de Error Screening (Chile)

29.08.2020 - Fest Anča International Animation Festival (Slovakia) Live performance (cancelled)

29.05.2020 - IKLECTIK & Touch off-site. Hangar, Barcelona (Spain) Live performance. (cancelled) 

18.04.2020 - Psyché Tropes Broadcast #2 IKLECTIK Off-site Live stream (UK)

29.03.2020 - Live performance w/ Howround. Free Movements, Juno Cafe, London (UK)

25.02.2020 - Mecanica Popular 40th Anniversary. Live performance. Cafe OTO, London (UK)

01.01.2020 - Free Movements. Live visuals. Juno Cafe London (UK)

21.12.2019 - Winter Solstice Soundscapes. Vinyl Cafe, Carlisle (UK) Live performance.

29.11.2019 - Projected Music 5-inch Launch. The Old Baths, London (UK) Live performance.

16.11.2019 - Istanbul Experimental Screeing, Vault 34. Istanbul, (Turkey)

24.10.2019 - The Engine Room, IKLECTIK, Live performance. London (UK) 

17.08.2019 - The Delaware Road Festival, Live performance. Salisbury Plain (UK)

27.06.2019 - Fest Anča International Animation Festival Screening (Slovakia)

01.11.2019 - Festival Internacional de Cine de Gijón Screening (Spain)

23.09.2018 - The Listening Body. Live performance. IKLECTIK, London (UK)

18.08.2018 - Fort Process: Dispersion, Live performance. Cafe OTO, London (UK)

06.06.2018 - Internationales Kurzfilmfestival Hamburg Screening (Germany)

13.05.2018 - Splice Audio Visual Performing Arts Festival, Live performance. IKLECTIK (UK)

20.04.2018 - Flatpack Film Festival Screeening Centrala, Birmingham (UK)

09.02.2018 - Deliquium Sound Art Triennial, Live performance. Electrowerkz, London (UK)

16.01.2018 - International Film Festival Rotterdam Screeening (The Netherlands)

29.09.2017 - Sonic Dreams, Live performance. Gallery of Modern Art, Waterford (Ireland)

11.07.2017 - East End Film Festival. St John on Bethnal Green, Live performance. London (UK)

08.07.2017 - Sonic Waterloo. Live performance. IKLECTIK, London (UK)

16.04.2017 - Dronica #4, Live performance. The Old Church, London (UK)

10.12.2016 - Pascal Savy two-day Residency. Live performance. IKLECTIK, London (UK)

19.11.2016 - Decompostion #4. 16mm live performance, Quadraphonic Sound. Sines & Squares Festival. Texture, Manchester (UK)

28.09.2016 - Live performance. Vitaphone No More. Vinyl Deptford, London (UK)

03.06.2016 - Decompostion #3. 16mm live audiovisual performance. Splice Audio Visual Performance Arts Festival. London (UK)

25.03.2016 - Decompostion #2. 16mm live audiovisual performance. Dronica #1, The Old Church, London (UK)

03.10.2015 - Decompostion #1 16mm Live audiovisual performance. Strange Umbrellas. Apiary Studios, London (UK)

02.04.2015 - An Evening of Modular Synthesis. Apiary Studios, London (UK)

29.08.2014 - Psyché Tropes HFF Vol. 1 Launch. Apiary Studios, London (UK)

07.08.2014 - 16mm Screening at Supernormal, Braziers Park, Oxfordshire (UK)

05.04.2013 - Video Installation. Commissioned by Cork French Film Festival. (Ireland)

Merkaba Macabre is a multimedia project by Steven McInerney, combining film, digital projection and sound to create experimental films, live audiovisual performances and installations. McInerney's work draws upon dichotomous energies, meditating between the sacred and profane. His cinematic work explores psychospiritual tropes and altered realities, often blurring the lines between science and fiction. His live performances utilise multi-channel projection and real-time feedback systems to exploit the audience's awareness of time within the moving image; pushing the boundaries of perception and the medium itself. McInerney is the founder of Psyché Tropes, a film company and label investigating the synaesthetic intersections between sound and its visual counterpart. Other collaborative projects include: IOME, Post Coma and Flying Disks.

Bookings: contact (at) psyche-tropes (com)